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When you arrive
We will have a chat with you when you arrive to discuss your requirements, and to talk about any special preferences or ideas that you might have. It's also useful for us to know at this stage where in the home you want to show off the photos.

In the studio or on location
We will shoot a range of poses in various moods and styles - anything goes - running jumping, playing, posing, relaxing, hugging, kissing, laughing, smiling, and of course mean and moody. We love to capture real emotions so that your portraits burst with vitality.

In your home or location shoots
Location shoots are ideal for larger families, families with pets, or in fact anybody who just prefers the great outdoors. However we are always open to suggestions and you may prefer some other location.
The session normally lasts about 90 minutes, and we're sure you'll find it fascinating and entertaining. We believe that it's up to us to ensure you enjoy your session to the full. There are no hard and fast rules to creating great portraits, the single most important thing is that you relax, have fun and enjoy yourselves, as this will be reflected in the photos.

What (not) to wear
We do not believe in giving strict instruction on what your children should wear. Often parents and children have very particular ideas of what their favourite clothes are, so we feel you are best placed to make these decisions.
We can offer some general pointers however. Plainer clothes are usually better than very fancy or patterned, which can be distracting in the photograph. Because we are trying to produce 'natural' photographs, we also find that a slightly more casual approach tends to work better than the formal 'done up for the photographer' look.
Logos on clothing can date very quickly, but they also help place the images at a certain point in time, which you might argue is good thing – again the choice is yours.

Viewing your photos
The viewing takes place anytime from a few days to a couple of weeks later, this is a very relaxed session where you get to choose from the range of stunning photos that we have prepared. The photos can also be viewed a few hours after the session, but this is by special arrangement only (and incurs a small additional fee). If you would like the pictures framed we can offer you a variety of frames which again can be seen at the viewing.

After placing your order you will receive your photographs within 14 days.

Our guarantee
In the unlikely event of you not being delighted with the portraits at your viewing, a 100% refund of the session fee will be provided. Alternatively, at our discretion, an additional session may be offered at no charge.

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