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We offer a while-u-wait service for UK and non-UK passport/visa/ID photos which conform to the new globally agreed biometric passport standards recently introduced.

Whether you require a standard United Kingdom passport or driving licence photo an Indian or US Visa photograph, Canadian, Polish, Australian, NZ, French, Greek or Spanish passport photo we can provide a quality image to the correct specifications for all your needs whatever your passport photo requirements.

We welcome children and babies of all ages for their photos and can also accomodate wheelchairs in our studio.

The United Kingdom HMPO, Northern Ireland DVA & Irelands DFA have introduced a new way

for customers to retrieve a digital photo when they renew their pass.

We are pleased to inform you that our studio meets the requirements of this service.

We are able to prepare digital codes for Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and USA as well.

If you are applying online for your passport, we can make the process even simpler

by supplying you with a digital passport photo code.

This photo code is already checked and pre-approved by passport service.

All you need to do is enter the photocode on the online application form.

You can still request a hard or soft copy of your passport photo.

We would like to remind you that we take photos for the passport of all countries of the world.

All you need to do is book an appointment with us, visit our studio in Edinburgh,

have your picture taken and within fifteen minutes you will have your photos to take away with you.

We are currently approved by the US Embassy and Canadian Embassy (which is one of the strictest in the world!).


We also offer a mobile passport/ID photo service for those of you who may have a physical disability, mobility problem or you are a carer of a child with a learning difficulty/disability and cannot use a photo booth -

we are happy to come to your home or workplace within a 5 miles radius of Edinburgh.

Your passport photos are professionaly taken in our portraiture studio and sized very carefully.

If your passport or VISA has particular photographic requirements please bring the specifications

with you to ensure we get it right.

Prints come in sets of 6 however some larger passport photos, such as for USA, India and Canada come in sets of 2. 

If you require an digital image for on-line submission we can supply your image on CD, USB drive or email.

£15,-  (soft or hard copy available) 

£20,-  (both, soft and hard copy) 

£5.-  (re-prints)

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