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At every special event, a number of friends and family may take their own photographs, but to truly catch the atmosphere of a exceptional event, you really should think about employing a specialist photographer.
Our superior quality photos may be published, produced on Disc or even posted online within a protected folder, letting you share your pictures with friends and relations worldwide with one click.
As well as personal family events, we also cover commercial events, PR occasions and seminars.

As a leading Event Photographer Edinburgh we’re experienced at shooting in many different challenging environments, including beneath synthetic lighting. This makes us the best choice for functions like corporate hospitality functions or charitable fundraising events in which we will really capture the environment.
We offer a wide range of selections with our event photography services,

but we are also eager to hear any suggestions or tips you might have.

Our objective is to take ideal images that help you to recall your special event perfectly.

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3 Cadzow Place, London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5SN

0131 259 0346, 0778 343 6733

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