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Throughout this two day course, we will discuss, demonstrate and explore all of the features of your Digital SLR camera from the ground up, so that you will gain the confidence you need when using your Digital SLR camera.

DAY ONE: Features of your Digital SLR camera.

Part one: Areas covered include aperture, shutter speed and megapixels through to white balance, ISO ratings, histograms and all the rest. There will be time to ask questions and demonstrate the advantages of each feature, getting to grips with the “how’s” and “why’s”.

Part two: After a one hour lunch break, we will put into practise all the features that have been discussed and demonstrated in part one on a walk around town with your cameras. In the late afternoon we will come back to the studio, learn a little about methods of downloading and viewing photographs, and explore some basic Photoshop tools.

DAY TWO: Exercises, Assignments and Review.

Part one: Question time. There will be a few formal exercises set up to practise on and time to discuss the elements learned in day one. We will also discuss in more detail the more compositional aspects of photography, and prepare for the afternoons’ assignment.

Part two: After the one hour lunch break, you will carry out your assignments outside the studio and be given a time to return with your completed assignments. Assignment presentations, troubleshooting and review. The last half of part two will involve editing and viewing the photographs, open discussions and asking any final questions.

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